Why We Should Legally Document Illegal Undocumented People Aliens

I have been in Law Enforcement for 27 years.  My wife says, “do not do political posts.”  She thinks it’s bad for business.  Well this really isn’t political.  It’s about, “The Law”.  The importance of it, to the foundation of a civilized society.  Also, it’s not political because I’m not harping on any specific political party, they both are playing loosey goosey with certain laws these days.

As a Law Enforcement Officer, I swore to uphold the Constitution of The United States of America.  So do all our elected officials in Congress, the Senate, the Executive Branch… etc., etc., etc..  The Constitution is the foundation of our law and expressly sets up processes to write, and change laws.

Here are our elected officials oaths;

Presidential Oath of Office

The Oath of Office: I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.


House of Reps and Senate Oath of Office

I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

Because of Politics.  There are some laws that aren’t being enforced. Apparently having become Politically Incorrect.  By the way, Politically Incorrect, was a rather unfunny and hateful, political show, hosted by an humorless comedian, and it is not part of the Constitutional legal process.

The Iaws I have the biggest problem with, right at this very moment, not being enforced today are: Immigration Laws.

Those laws were put on the books for reasons.  I’m curious as to why we aren’t enforcing them as intended.  Have those reasons changed?

The reason’s haven’t changed.  Let me make my case.

1.) Disease

Exhibit A: http://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2014/s930-ebola-confirmed-case.html

Exhibit B: http://www.cnn.com/2014/10/02/health/ebola-us/index.html

In the links listed above, a Dallas, Texas hospital has diagnosed a patient with Ebola,  He had contact with 80 people while he was showing symptoms, thus contagious.  So health officials are monitoring 80 people.  What if a person or two were missed?  What if those missed were infected and have passed on the disease?

This guy came here legally, but thousands, illegally, pour into our country weekly .  This guy was documented, not afraid to go to a hospital and get diagnosed.  Would illegal immigrants?  Probably not, and here in lies the problem.   They will pass it on to others, and so on and so on.

The 80 people exposed…… assuming they are here legally also,  are easily found, because they are documented.  They can be monitored.

How about, if this was an illegal immigrant that had the disease, ……. we wouldn’t even know about the case,….. we would’t know about any possible exposures, the disease would be free to mobilize!

Back in the day immigrants were checked for medical issues.  This was done for the safety and national security of our country.  Today we still check health back grounds.  To be certain, even that won’t catch everything, but being a documented alien helps even if pre-checks fail to disclose anything, because the legal person is free to seek help.  Their associates presumably would be documented as well.

This growing story in Texas is a national security risk.  The Immigration Laws are there to protect the citizen’s of the United States.  Diseases we war against are Enemies of the State.  An enemy doesn’t have to be a terrorist or country.

Our White House wants to reassure us that this type of eventuality won’t happen across our borders:

Exhibit C: http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/wh-we-reminded-border-agents-protocol-after-ebola-case_808448.html

White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters today that, after the Ebola case in Dallas, the Obama administration reminded border law enforcment agencies of “protocol” to deal with people that appear to have symptoms of Ebola. Earnest also said that there “are screening procedures in place at our border.”



“[I]n light of this incident, the administration has taken the step of recirculating our guidance to law enforcement agencies that are responsible for securing the border, to those agencies that represent individuals who staff the airline industry, and to medical professionals all across the country to make sure that people are aware that there is an important protocol that should be implemented if an individual presents with symptoms that are consistent with Ebola.”

~Josh Earnest, WH spokesperson

Wow I feel better……. Don’t you?……. There’s an important protocol to be implemented upon those coming into our country displaying such symptoms.

“The agencies RESPONSIBLE for securing the border”

Is that some type of joke?  I assure you those agencies are handcuffed by the very administration Earnest speaks for!  They can’t even call an illegal, an illegal…… They are undocumented, …..and so……….. will be the undocumented Ebola case, one of them brings in with them!

I say……one of them………. because I don’t KNOW who they are!

Then there is this, Exhibit D:

In a whistleblower disclosure document obtained by National Review Online, the agent alleges that the federal government knowingly transported illegal immigrants to facilities that were unequipped to process them; disregarded repeated warnings from a Border Patrol agent about the public-health risks posed by the immigrants, many of whom were suffering from infectious diseases; rejected multiple offers of assistance from local officials; and suspended law-enforcement operations at part of America’s southern border while denying a congressman’s repeated requests for information about the government’s plan to process the immigrants and about the startling events unfolding in his district.


Gotta love that Protocol!

2.) Drugs.

There used to be a War on Drugs.  We can debate it’s effectiveness, but it was way better than what is happening now!

Violence between the Cartels, is spilling over into our country. Pouring over, more like it.  Our government is not protecting it’s citizens.  They again handcuff agencies responsible for protecting the border with, not providing a workable infrastructure, and policies which invite an overwhelming tide of illegal immigrants riding the wave to our country.  many of these illegals are also illegals in Mexico. Cartel worker bees that are invading our cities and selling our kids and junkies their trade.

Don’t take my word for it.

 “The U.S.-Mexico Border’s 150 Miles of Hell”,By Apr 2012

Drug smugglers and human traffickers have seized control of a narrow corridor of untamed Arizona desert along the U.S.–Mexico border, turning ranches – and even backyards – into killing fields. A visit to the most lawless place in America………

………….As DHS selectively tightened the border and drug seizures increased, the cartel moved into the corridor. The infrastructure and counter-­surveillance systems it (THE CARTEL) has established there make its operations virtually ineradicable. It now ships an enormous volume of narcotics through the corridor each year, including as much as a quarter of all the marijuana that enters the United States……….

………….Until recently, Lowell and his wife, Edith, reported these sightings to the Border Patrol. “But after 2010 – 14 dead bodies, or people shot at, or people killed – we’re not quite so enthusiastic about calling,” he said. In the last two years, unknown assailants shot and killed an Arizona rancher named Rob Krentz and a New Mexico landowner named Larry Link. Rumors along the border hold that they were murdered in retaliation for reporting drug activity.

 Yes that is….. ~Exhibit E: 


We have been invaded…….  Our own government can’t establish infrastructure to repel them, but the cartels can…………………………… to entrench themselves………………………………………… On our Soil!

Our law abiding citizen’s are being shot, killed, threatened, for reporting the drug trafficking activity.

More evidence is easily located all over the internet, read at your leisure…….Enjoy.

Exhibit F:http://www.cfr.org/mexico/mexicos-drug-war/p13689

Today, Mexico is a major supplier of heroin to the U.S. market, and the largest foreign supplier of methamphetamine and marijuana. Mexican production of all three of these drugs has increased since 2005, as has the amount of drugs seized at the southwest border, according to the U.S. Department of Justice [PDF]. More than 90 percent of cocaine now travels through Mexico into the United States, up from 77 percent in 2003. Officials estimate that the drug trade makes up 3 to 4 percent of Mexico’s $1.2 trillion annual GDP—totaling as much as $30 billion—and employs at least half a million people.

~Mexico’s Drug War, Author: Brianna Lee, Updated: March 5, 2014

I know this isn’t news!  But what is our government doing about it…..

Exhibit G: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/17/magazine/how-a-mexican-drug-cartel-makes-its-billions.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

And then there are the Americans. Guards at the U.S. border have been known to wave a car through their checkpoints for a few thousand dollars, and since 2004, there have been 138 convictions or indictments in corruption investigations involving members of the United States Customs and Border Protection. Paradoxically, one explanation for this state of affairs is the rapid expansion of border forces following the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. In their hurry to fortify the U.S.-Mexico boundary with uniformed personnel, it seems, officials may have made allowances on background checks and screenings. In some instances, job offers have been extended to the immediate relatives of known traffickers. ~Cocaine Incorporated,By PATRICK RADDEN KEEFE, Published: June 15, 2012


Our government sworn to protect us is taking short cuts,  and thus being compromised.  We don’t build the necessary infrastructure, or hire the right people to do the job.

Even pre-modern China was able to secure vast mountainous areas with infrastructure, but somehow, present day USA can’t?


3.) Enemies

Finally, we as a country are engaged in a war, whether our administration chooses to call it one or not.

You see our enemies call it a war.  Terrorism’s; al Qaeda says so…….,  ISIS says so………., a very small Al Qaeda cell operating inside Syria called the Khorasan Group says so……..

Of course anyone who hasn’t lived in a bubble, or who didn’t have their head buried in the sand, or hadn’t been unconscious for the last 20 years…. knows this is true.

So I give you………

Exhibit H:


Why can’t the director of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, say if terrorists have crossed into our country illegally………..

“I do agree with you that the challenge of those coming from countries other than Mexico particularly into the Rio Grande Valley sector [in Texas] is one I’m very concerned about. It’s something I’ve been concerned about since I took office in January. I’ve seen it myself at our detention center in Brownsville when I visited there in January, there was something like 80 nationalities of illegal migrants present there.”  Jeh Johnson DHS Secretary

The congressman from Utah, citing an “internal” DHS document as the source, said that so far this fiscal year (Sept.1 thru October 30), the U.S. has apprehended aliens from 143 different countries trying to illegally enter the U.S., including 13 individuals from Syria, 6 from Iraq, and 4 from Iran……….


Rep. Chaffetz noted that although nearly 466,000 illegal aliens have been apprehended so far in fiscal 2014, an estimated 157,012 have been identified as “got-aways” and 142,630 as “turn-backs.”

He went on to say that there were under 5 million border sensor hits in fiscal year 2013 compared to more than 6 million so far this year.

(DHS Secretary)Johnson then pointed out that the arrest rate varies by time and border sector.


I sure do feel safe……… Don’t you.

You see we have laws for reasons!  So, when lawmakers see an opportunity to improve their chances of being re-elected by turning a blind eye to those laws, there’s a big problem for all of us!  Our society is placed in jeopardy.

Undocumented people give citizens an increased likelihood of:

Disease at our door.

Drugs, and Violence at our door.

War at our door.

It seems some of our leaders have forgotten their priorities (no priority given to party, just so happens these example are of the D for donkey variety).

Exhibit I: Nancy Pelosi, Chastising the term “Illegal alien”.


Exhibit J: This Headline and video from the Washington Post:

Hispanics promised Obama will act on immigration by year’s end
Obama seeks to temper anger, shore up key Democrat voting bloc ahead of midterms

 This is not an either, or……. Democrat/Republican issue.  The lack of enforcement in this area is on both parties.

You don’t stop enforcing laws at a political whim, for whatever reason.  Oh but it’s more than on a whim for which they are acting this way…… it’s called Political Capital.  The voting bloc…. the political power source… can be had, with a slight head turn, a wink and a nod.

So the process is ignored, the process to change the law, provided by the Constitution.

Its a process that was set up to take time, so that whim’s couldn’t win the day.  A process that allows, serious thought be given to our issues by our representatives.  Not illegal alien’s issues.  Not for political gain, but the good of the people and the country.

Unfortunately, what is going on now (not following the process, but skirting it) is putting the cart before the horse, and when that happens there is bound to be a major malfunction!

Illegal Immigration is at the fore of many ills.  Those in the shadows, the illegal aliens are being taken advantage of by employers, being killed, being abused, or just dying from exposure in their desperate attempt to be used in our country.  That’s not humanitarian (often given as a reason behind the non-enforcement), and it’s not good for our Country!

Allowing it to happen is killing  citizens, embattling law enforcement, endangering our institutions,  allowing disease to enter, driving up costs, depressing our economy, opening up citizen’s to the enemy’s attacks, and leading to unemployment of citizen’s who would pay taxes on the jobs now going to illegal aliens.  That’s not humanitarian, and it’s not good for our Country!

If the law does not have the power of enforcement behind it,……  it is no law.  If we pick and choose which laws to enforce, then all our laws can be made a mockery of as well.  Without laws, chaos will rule, and chaos does not foster humanitarian responses, and it’s not good for our Country!

Ponder this as you value your Citizenship in this Great Country: Should it be so easy for illegal aliens to jeopardize our country?  After all, there are legitimate ways to become citizens.  Ways that enhance the security of legal  immigrants and citizens alike?

If we don’t do something to again enhance our securities, what will become of this great nation?

Will anybody be around to document it?


4 thoughts on “Why We Should Legally Document Illegal Undocumented People Aliens

  1. I agree! Stopping these illegals from coming into our country WILL solve many of our issues, but it is NOT an easy task. Not that it is not easy, but as long as our government is in charge of it I cannot see how it will change.


    1. Then out source it….. I don’t care how they do it. Just do it. As crazy as this legal alien having Ebola…. getting in our country with it…..I can’t imagine the troubles we would face putting a lid on it with ILLEGALS carrying it in.

      Stop playing politics with OUR country’s safety.


    1. Yes…… What is it they consider themselves……..the elite, intellectuals? They lack common sense, street smarts, character.


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