Oxford University shuts down public debate on abortion


Eagle eggs are protected, unborn babies are not

Only, One person out of three persons affected by the decision to murder a Child has the ‘right’ to choose! And that ‘right’ to ‘abort’ her little one is always murder, over nurturing their child’s young life.

If the father chose to abort the child without the mother’s ascent, that would be murder.  Why doesn’t he have that ‘right’?  After all it is partly his DNA, from his body growing within her!

Choice is a misnomer, used to justify the unjustifiable.  My body, my choice.  But it’s three bodies engaged within one.  Truly a child is the combination of his/her parents.  There bodily parts come together and form the child in the womb.  So where are their rights?

Abortion is the only, ‘right’ I am aware of, where an individual can steal something from another, who has a stake in the act occurring without legal remedy!  The life with a son or daughter in the case of the father, and the  very child’s life are stolen by the murderer!

If you agree with that sentiment, or any number of other arguments against the free murder of children, you are no longer permitted to voice it at Oxford University!

So much for “Freedom of Speech”……


Eagle eggs are protected, unborn babies are not Eagle eggs are protected, unborn babies are not

Journalist Tim Stanley was the pro-life debater, and he writes about his ordeal in the UK Telegraph.


An attempt to hold a reasonable debate about abortion in Oxford was called off after students threatened to disrupt it. Tim Stanley, one of the debaters, writes that the authoritarian Left has become everything it claims to hate.

I would’ve thought that the one place in Britain where you could agree to disagree amicably would be Oxford University. But I was wrong. For instance, I’ve discovered that you’re only allowed to debate abortion there if a) you’re a woman and b) you’re all for it. Any other approach to the subject is liable to attract a mob…

A few months ago I accepted an invitation by the Oxford Students for Life to debate Brendan O’Neill on the subject “This House believes Britain’s Abortion…

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