Executive Dis-Order

So the President can just do what he wants?


Well this one does.

Does anyone care that Executive orders are used to by-pass the legislative process, especially when the effect the order will have will;

executive order

1.) Legalize 5 million or so undocumented immigrants (ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS), ……

2.) Make it impossible to deal with the lawbreakers among the undocumented immigrants (ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS),…….

3.) Take away jobs from citizens, millions of which are currently unemployed, to give to undocumented immigrants (ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS),…..

4.) And open up social security, and health care claims to undocumented immigrants (ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS), taking what is rightly the American citizen’s property and security from future citizen’s use.

Among many unseen other catastrophes, like more illegal immigrant death in the wilderness between the new Hope and Change and good olé Mexico!

Hope and change is here all right…….

……………….for those in our country illegally!

Why?  Well it wasn’t because it had to be done, because if that was the case, the President would have overstepped his bounds far earlier.

The Stuffed Sock, thinks the purpose is to Stuff the Ballot down the road.  For the express purpose of empowering the political party that cares so little for the welfare of the actual citizenship they claim to serve.

Beware……… for once this has run it’s course and they find themselves in need of some other device to win elections,……….. they’ll throw these folks right under the bus just like they did the current legal citizens.


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