Sensationalizing The Sad: Ferguson

I sat and waited and waited and waited,  like many others to find out what the grand jury had decided in Ferguson, Missouri,  last Monday night.

I wasn’t surprised.   Neither, should anybody else have been.   The basic story had unfolded since the tragic events transpired this past summer.

As a decision was nearing, it seemed fairly certain that no indictment was forthcoming  (In fact, the FBI had leaked they wouldn’t be pursuing an indictment ). Yet once that actually transpired, …………surprise ……..and indignation ruled the night.

Lawlessness ruled the streets.

But that was anything but spontaneous, It had been orchestrated, by our insatiable need for; information now (Social Media), the news media, and the race baiter ambulance chasers.


Thank you Bill O’Reilly!  Wish I’d have seen this before I wrote all of this!  Upon the decision of the grand jury, O’Reilly’s anger is proven true……………..

46f732c4a9fefbf2ea50573fc64e0b40The “lynch mob” mentality stoked by these opportunistic hustlers engulfed many properties in Ferguson.

To me it is disheartening. ……… The politics of division……  The power play.  Greed of leadership.   Al Sharpton and his ilk……. Running to ground zero to sensationalize the sad situation.  Selling those communities a bill of goods.

Was Mike Brown’s death a tragedy?   Yes.   Was it completely avoidable?  Yes.

But was this tragedy the result of a Racist Cop?

Let me count a number of actions, that if not taken, or responded to differently…. could have averted this tragedy………  

1.) Mike Brown, committed a robbery moments before his death.

2.) Mike Brown, was confronted by a police officer for walking down the middle of a street, and told to go to the sidewalk, and He refused.

3.) Mike Brown, inexplicably reached through a police car driver’s side window and began to punch the police officer.

4.) The officer told him to stop repeatedly and to back off and eventually, since Brown was not responding and the officer was in fear of serious injury and perhaps death, He pulled his firearm and told Brown to stop or he’d shoot.  Brown grabbed the gun and drove the gun’s barrel into the officer’s thigh.  Brown at this time was trying to place his finger in the trigger guard.

5.) At some point during this struggle for the gun inside the police cruiser, the gun went off, the bullet harmlessly entering the driver’s side door.

6.) Mike Brown continued to struggle with the police officer over the gun, and another shot was fired again harmlessly into the ground across the street.

7.) Mike Brown decided to run, but stopped about 30 feet away from the officer and turned to face him.  The officer told him to put his hands up and stay where he was.  Mike Brown instead charged the officer with a look of anger and determination on his face.

8.) Mike Brown got shot several times and then about 15 feet away from the officer stopped, grunted and continued to defy orders made by the officer and continued towards him, finally being shot in the head and expiring.

9.) Officer Wilson pulled his gun to try to stop Mike Brown from pummeling him in his patrol car.

10.) Officer Wilson shot to stop Brown from reaching him.

If any of these changed what would the outcome have been.  We’ll never know but to call this action by Wilson a racist act, is extremely disingenuous.

“Why did this happen?”

“What could have been done to avoid it?”

“What laws should be in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again?”

These were questions asked by the inflammatory press at the press conference held by the DA., following the announcement last week.

What is so hard to understand?

The laws are on the books, to attempt to keep this from happening.  First of all, don’t rob a store. Robbery is against the law.  In the process of that robbery don’t steal something.  Theft is against the law.  When approached by a police officer for jaywalking or walking in the street when there is a sidewalk available, don’t repeatedly punch a police officer. That is Aggravated Assault, and can be found in the Crimes Code.

Let’s face it, pointing out those facts won’t sell on the nightly news. Reporting what actually happened, as opposed to just putting anyone on the air to voice their propaganda, doesn’t sell newspapers or improve your television viewing rates.  We need Sensationalism!

Sensationalism of the News makes money for the News Media.  Sensationalism of this sad situation makes money for the snake oil salesmanship of the Al Sharptons.

This whole story is based on lies.  Lies reported by the media, from made up witness accounts or witnesses with a prejudice of their own.  How can I say that?

Am I a racist?……..No  I just read the transcripts provided from the grand jury.  Turns out those early eyewitness reports provided by the media even while Mike Brown’s body lay bleeding in the street, where false.

Here’s an eyewitness account that never made the airwaves……..Wonder Why?

It’s 17 pages that contradict,much of the accounts spread by social media and the media.  His testimony confirmed the officer’s and fit the forensic evidence of the case.

What evidence and eyewitness accounts ultimately gave us a picture of was this.

Mike Brown (robbery suspect), high on drugs was confronted by Officer Darren Wilson (unfortunately a white police officer). The 6’4″, 292 lb, Brown punched the officer repeatedly in the face, and tried to get the white police officers gun.  After struggling for the officer’s gun, and having been shot at two times by the officer, in the car, he ran away, but turned and ran as if to attack the officer again.  He refused to listen to repeated instruction by the officer.

The inevitable occurred….. The officer made the decision to save his life.   And Mike Brown made the same decision he had made that day over and over,  under his drug induced haze,……….. …………………. be a bully. Inflict his heft on others.   And he paid the ultimate price!

How is the shooting racist?  It’s racist because the media is either complicit with the liars, and wish to push an agenda, or they’re just lazy and irresponsible in their reporting.  The media need to own that.  They made it racist with inaccurate reporting, based on laziness, dollars, or by reporting bias, either theirs or those they interviewed.

The witnesses that did make news back on August 9th are chronicled below, in a report done when the facts came out, following the announcement!

“Some witnesses said Michael Brown had been shot in the back. Another said he was face-down on the ground when Officer Darren Wilson “finished him off.” Still others acknowledged changing their stories to fit published details about the autopsy or admitted that they did not see the shooting at all.

An Associated Press review of thousands of pages of grand jury documents reveals numerous examples of statements made during the shooting investigation that were inconsistent, fabricated or provably wrong. For one, the autopsies ultimately showed Brown was not struck by any bullets in his back.

Prosecutors exposed these inconsistencies before the jurors, which likely influenced their decision not to indict Wilson in Brown’s death.” ~ Ferguson Grand Jury Papers Full of Inconsistencies,FERGUSON, Mo. — Nov 27, 2014, 11:10 AM ET, By HOLBROOK MOHR, DAVID A. LIEB and PHILLIP LUCAS Associated Press


Lies….hidden agendas, but reported as fact none the less by the media.

Of course the grand jury would take lies into account when not indicting Wilson, because those lies and the embellishment of them by media, snake oil salesman, and burst into flame by social media….were the only evidences that purported Wilson doing anything unjustified. 

Listening to media I thought that Ferguson PD must just be chock full of racists.  I was surprised to see that Ferguson is not remarkable, at all.  In comparison to other communities across the country, police stats show that arrest rates for minorities are on par with other communities.

Ferguson police statistics show the department does arrest blacks at a higher rate than other racial groups. But that disparity is true for police departments across the country.

Brad Heath, an investigative reporter with USA Today, wrote in a story last week that the most remarkable thing about Ferguson might be just how ordinary it is. He examined data that police departments report to the FBI each year and compared the number of black people arrested during 2011 and 2012 with the number who lived in the area the department protects. He notes that the FBI does not track arrests of Hispanics as a separate race.

Heath tells guest host Tess Vigeland that nationally, black people are arrested at a rate about three times higher than other races, and Ferguson aligns pretty closely with that average.

“But if you look at the geography of those inequities, there are a lot of cities where the disparity is five times higher, 10 times higher, even 20 times higher,” Heath says , November 23, 2014 5:14 PM ET, NPR Staff

In other words it is a normal minority community, nothing remarkable statistically to explain….. why ……Ferguson?

I thought Ferguson was the center of injustice and racism, but it turns out, that’s not true, but you/I believed it because the media said it was so.

From the coverage of this story I’d have expected young black men being regularly shot down in the streets of Ferguson by the Police.  But …if you had to guess….. …… many black men,…. do you think …..have been shot dead in the streets of Ferguson by the police……. …………………. in the last ten years?

The answer………….. Michael Brown.  Two other black men in ten years were shot and wounded, none were killed. (, bottom page 67 through page 70).

In fact no other black man has ever been shot and killed by police in Ferguson, Mo.

Isn’t that surprising?

The news media didn’t tell you that did they?!

Then the rioters and looters.….most of them, at least those arrested, came from outside the Ferguson Community, over 90 percent of them!  Trouble makers with an agenda. But…….. listening to the media I was thinking everyone in Ferguson has lost their minds!

Why would they destroy their own community!?!?!

That leads to the actions of the black leadership? Since the shooting, they could have led responsibly, waiting for the system to show what happened. Instead they decry racism from the start.  Making any result from the grand jury other than an indictment, a precursor to rage, violence and mayhem.  As O’Reilly put it, a “lynch mob mentality”.  There was no real interest in truth or justice, from the beginning!

Just payback!  But that is not justice.

These leaders made it sound, and continue to make it sound, as if Mike was just the most recent of racist killings by police in Ferguson.  Yet, he was the first and only killed by police EVER, in Ferguson. That doesn’t sound like an epidemic. Sad, none the less, but not systemic.

The people ‘said’, they wanted justice.  The grand jury met.  They saw all the evidence that was available.  All of it!  If you ask me that’s the best way to derive the truth of a situation.  Look at everything and come to the best conclusion possible.

I was just a Trooper, and a Criminal Investigator, don’t take my word for it……. listen to the words of New York City’s top cop.


They did that……..That is justice.  Just not what the bill of goods sold to the community indicated justice should be.  But it was justice.

You see this was an opportunity to decry racism, even though none existed.  It was an opportunity, to inflame passions, even when the shooting would have been justified, everywhere that it could have taken place.

But the media sensationalized an event that was unsensational, in an unsensational town.  Then gasoline was poured on a non-problem by Sharpton, and other race baiting ambulance chasers.

Finally, after the decision, which was soundly explained on national television by the prosecutor, President Obama, showed his talents as a Community Organizer (like Al Sharpton ), have not diminished, by saying , ” I can understand the frustrations of the protesters.”

What frustration?

That the truth was obtained by our judicial system?

No, not that…..frustrated that ……. white cops are racists and indiscriminately killing young black men in the streets?  Or, that our judicial system doesn’t work for all?

Just a little statistic reported on the “O’Reilly Factor”, last year 326 whites were killed by police and 123 blacks were killed by police.  That sounds almost consistent with racial population sizes.

“But never mind that! No….. that’s not sensational enough, what can we accomplish with that?”

~ every community organizer ever!


Let the riots start!  Who cares about the truth in this case!  We have headway to make in our civil rights! Burn down the buildings!  Yeah, you know the buildings the residents of Ferguson work at!

fire 2

This was stirred up by instant messaging and posting of inflammatory photos and lies on social media, the irresponsible reporting (at best) fire 1of the media, and the bill of goods sold to these communities by their community organizers.  The ones who supposedly care about communities like Ferguson.

The media rakes in the cash with their sensational ‘news’.

The snake oil salesmen types, continue to make their living, off the misery of the black populations they take advantage of.  But, nothing they do ever seems to make a difference ……. (things that make you go Hmmmmm?)

after fireInstead of helping them they help to incite the rage that destroys them.  Following which, they move on to the next sad sensationalized event………the next opportunity!

“Start spreading the news

I’m leaving today

Gonna make a brand new start of it

In ol’ New York!”

~ Al Sharpton singing as he travels to NYC to take on the Garner case.

It is a tragedy, that so much was destroyed in the very neighborhoods where this sad sensationalized death occurred, but racism?

Who’s making money off this?  I think that’s the problem.  Who’s taking our tragedies and trying to benefit from them?

Perhaps that’s where we can truly find racism.

ferg5So it’s on to;

New York, ……….. Cleveland, ……….. or Los Angeles…. for that next, Sad Sensational story…..

….Meanwhile, Ferguson is left to deal with what a nation’s Sensational appetite and a bunch of outsiders, who truly had no business with Ferguson’s grief, have left behind!



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