Eric Garner, Sensationalizing The Sad: New York City Edition

Hey look everyone, It’s AL Sharpton… And He’s in New York?

Wonder why he’s here?


It’s because there’s some community organizing to do!  Some injustices to right.  Some fires to set.

Told you he’d be heading there.  Never let a crisis pass without taking advantage of it.

Here is a post I read earlier today, on the Garner death, and to say the least it’s infuriating.  The amazing thing…….. it comes from a Christian blogger, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Apparently, according to John……. God dishes out justice like government used affirmative action, back in the day.  Apparently he has been in touch with our Heavenly Father and He told him….” Don’t worry about actual justice….. it’s more important to be an equal opportunity justice disher outer!”

Well you read it and decide for yourself, then come on back here and finish up with my delusions.

Basically the gist of his bleeding heart, the heck with reality, post is….

That police and prosecutors are racist, that it has built up over years due to the expectations, to deal with the enemy,….. you know minorities……. Oh  and let’s throw white trash in there too.

Because that’s what cops are all about.

According to his position, ……after 29 years as a cop, apparently all I’ve ever been is a racist or a fist for the State to subdue the masses.

I wonder…. what He thinks when a Christian Brother of his, who happens to be a police officer gets killed by some minority or white trash?

Does he weep as the children of that lost soul will be weeping?

Does he care? He certainly doesn’t seem to give a rats tail, why police defend themselves, other than to say we feel like we can kill.  That seems to be why we use deadly force, because we can.

Apparently, he believes people don’t break the law, or that over the years Welfare and all the money that the government hands out to the victims of our society and police state, have developed an entitlement/victimized persona in these people.

Nobody is like that.  These victim’s of our society haven’t come to feel entitled to everything and more. Like the right to be irresponsible and not act civilly etc., etc. etc..

That’s a police officer rationality to eliminate them, or lock em up……you know like the Nazi’s…..Because that’s what police are these days, in the police state of the USA.

I was shocked a man of God could feel this way…… about law and order.

Why wouldn’t he?  He actually is pushing all this kind of garbage.  It’s his political leaning that has set the stage and is stoking the fires of rage, that is being felt in our country, not by the people I hate, but by the people I was sworn to protect and defend.

“But they did it after a full fifth of the population has felt what it means to be marked “criminal.” They did it after Orange is the New Black. They did it after people had learned to talk about a “New Jim Crow.” They did it, frankly, on the watch of a black President and a black Attorney General. – See more at:”

That quote appears after he gives law enforcement’s justifications for using deadly force.

The quote says how dare we feel justified to protect ourselves…….  after  all THAT has happened.  But who caused that to happen?  The police?

  • Yes we arrested  12 million people on average per year…….. What….. we shouldn’t?   (At a loss for that comment)  Should we just let it slide?
  • They did it after Orange is the New Black?????  What….. that prison inmates wear Orange ……and a whole bunch of them are black?     Again we shouldn’t arrest criminals?  Just because they are a certain race?
  • They did it after people had learned to talk about a “New Jim Crow.”   Because Law Enforcement is conspiring to keep the black man down by arresting him and locking him away in jail?
  •  They did it, frankly, on the watch of a black President and a black Attorney General.  I’m not sure  what he’s trying to say here, our first black president should have been a sign of change.  I think he might be throwing those two under the bus, even though they share some of his political bent.  They probably don’t go far enough and have become like Clarence ThomasCondoleezza RiceColin Powell, and other successful black men and women.  Positive, uplifting, and inspiring successes of minority people, but unfortunately these victors in life don’t fit the narrative. 

No, those people are………..The New Uncle Toms?  These   amazing people aren’t role models because they don’t fit the narrative, of victimization and no opportunity.

Just recently there was a hub bub in Seattle With the Seahawks, something about Russell Wilson as stated by Percy Harvin …..regarding Wilson getting along too well with White people, especially ownership,…….. apparently He wasn’t ‘black enough’.

Didn’t make that up here’s the link:

Plus a lil’ ditty from Charles Barkley explaining things I’m not permitted to:


Wilson-Hartgrove’s article is nothing but inflammatory, and it is that kind of drivel that feeds the furnace, which is burning in the belly of impoverished people throughout our great country.

Anyway, Here’s my last Edition on Ferguson,if you hadn’t checked it out yet.

Not as popular of a blog as Wilson-Hartgrove’s, but it’s getting read quite a bit currently.

Here’s an email to Wilson-Hartgrove.  Pretty sure I wasted my time on him, but you can read it and hopefully, it will do you some good in explaining to the victim mentality folk, why murder wasn’t committed in New York’s Eric Garner case.

I have made some editions since the email was sent for entertainment value.  Enjoy.

I’m a school cop and retired 26 yr. Pa State Trooper.

I believe in a God of Order, not Chaos, and what is happening in these communities is chaos currently.

Police have a duty and an obligation to enforce the law and citizens have a duty to obey their authority.

Stats don’t bear out what these minority communities, and people like yourself, are pushing here. Yes there is more crime in these minority communities, but it is more a reflection of the brokenness within the family there than police malfeasance.

Otherwise, police are not racist, because we kill races equally with impunity.

2012 FBI Stats:

326 white men were killed by police in 2012
123 black men were killed by police in 2012

126 Law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty that same year, 77 in violent actions brought on by  another.

12 million arrests in a year. Very few police actions lead to a death for those being arrested.

But cops are just shooting people dead in the streets, according to you.

Most of these deaths, not all are absolutely justifiable.

In a day when everything is video taped, law enforcement looks ugly, but that’s the nature of sin, isn’t it?


Well that’s what law enforcement deals with, sin. Law Enforcement has to deal with sin, under the laws of the society, and the vast, vast, vast, majority of police do just that.

These cases while very unseemly to view are easily understandable when a person who does this for a living watches it, because protecting you and others is a nasty business at times.

As Col. Jessup (Jack Nicholson) said in “A Few Good Men”:

(words changed in italics)   ” we live in a world that has criminals, and those criminals have to be stopped by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it? You? ………. I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for those who die at the hands of the police, and you curse the Police. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. ……… And our existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me in that car, you need me in that car. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending people like you from the evil that surrounds you.” 

I’ve never killed anyone to date, and pray every day I don’t have to, but it could have happened numerous times.

Chaos leads to bad things, like Ferguson burning, and like, the unfortunate deaths of Brown, Garner, and Rice.

Chaos to me can be described as lawlessness, which is certainly what we see in RIOTS and LOOTING. But we see it in the 3 cases mentioned.

First………… by those that have died.

Police wouldn’t have even messed with these individuals had they not done something illegal. Even if they hadn’t done something illegal, they wouldn’t have been killed if they complied with LAWFUL orders. But unfortunately they didn’t

To be honest I’m not sure any orders were made to Rice. there is no sound on the video and I haven’t enough information to conclude what the police said prior to the shooting.

If you read my post above, you understand what I feel Brown should have done, and why Officer Wilson was justified.

As for Mr. Garner’s death.


The grand jury decided……. (a very important phrase, because the law is at work there)….. that the police were justified……. TO ARREST Mr. Garner.

Not kill him……… yes, BUT ARREST him.

Unfortunately Mr. GARNER resisted that lawful arrest. Maybe he was annoyed because he feels he should be allowed to sell illegal cigarettes, I’m not sure what all his problems with the police were, but HE RESISTED, HE DID NOT COMPLY………

AND HE CREATED, a chaotic situation by not allowing the police to arrest him.

He did that.

The police then were FORCED to be physical, which will always look ugly……ALWAYS…… if videotaped. Because it is chaotic.

But have you ever tried to take a 400 lb man to the ground who didn’t want to go there? It is difficult and it will look ugly. OBVIOUSLY this looked ugly…….

No doubt.

But nothing the two officers did was unlawful. They had that right to take him into custody and they had that duty.

The officer since apparently fired by NYPD did not break the law using a choke hold…….He broke an NYPD….. POLICY.

That is a BIG distinction.

When Mr. Garner was finally on the ground and more officers came in to subdue him, the officer using the choke hold let go and only applied pressure on Mr. Garner’s head. This happened almost immediately following……

THE FIRST TIME Mr. Garner said, “I can’t breathe.”

Here’s the video.

What was happening to Mr. Garner at this time was probably respiratory distress due to the physical exertion of the arrest, and the fact that Mr. Garner was in extremely poor cardio shape.

The M.E. ruled he died of a Cardiac Arrest, brought on by various contributors, such as; the chokehold, compression of the chest, asthma, heart disease and obesity.  Cardiac arrest was brought on by the arrest, and so yes the M.E. rightly termed it a homicide. Because it was. Just like Mike Brown’s was, and just like Tamir Rice’s is.

BUT that does not mean they aren’t justifiable, in terms of the law and each person’s duty to that law as citizen’s and agent’s of the law.

It has nothing to do with the race. If each victim in these cases were white, first off they probably wouldn’t have been videotaped, but regardless there would have been inquiries and the rulings would have been the same.


Well if you read my post you should understand the Ferguson decision not to indict.

In NY. The grand jury had to decide if the police had justification to make an arrest and put Mr. Garner in custody. The jury concluded that they did have justification to arrest him.

The next thing is the chokehold, is that being used against the law, ….. IT ISN’T.

Did it lead to Mr. Garner’s death,……perhaps it contributed to Mr. Garner having a heart attack, but it was not the only reason.

What the jury concluded and…… rightfully so….. is that Mr. Garner would not have died had he just complied and went with the police.

Mr. Garner still may have had a heart attack, because he was extremely worked up as the video portrays. However, then we wouldn’t be all upset by the police actions. At least I think we wouldn’t.

It was his duty to comply as a citizen of our country to a lawful command given by the police.

The jury concluded that His actions, were the most prominent actions leading to a physical, heart attack inducing, arrest.

Mr Garner was committing a crime when he was subdued by the police.  He was resisting arrest.  He was not a victim, he was the criminal!  

IT is truly sad…….ABSOLUTELY…. and I feel sympathy for his death, and so should anyone, BUT

……it isn’t murder……. it is a justifiable homicide.


Unfortunately now! This is being sensationalized and misrepresented, just like the Ferguson incident.

Immediate social media and media videos and one side presenting their unfiltered side of the story, without the boundaries of what the law requires and allows, is leading to more chaos.

It is inflaming misguided passions, against police, who have an already over the top stressful job in communities that hate them because, every time the police follow their duties, and every time a citizen in that community fails to live up to his responsibility and duty, it is cried out as an act of police misconduct and or even racism.

Here in this quote Wilson-Hartgrove compares the killing of innocents in the Bible to that of Police killings of minorities in America.

“2,000 years ago, when Jesus was born in Bethlehem, the angels sang, “Peace on earth, good will toward all people.” But the authorities ordered the death of innocent children. Matthew’s gospel records that “weeping was heard in Ramah—Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be consoled because they are no more.” This Advent season, America is hearing the cries of Ramah. In my neighbor’s living room, at vigils in churches, at protests on the streets, Rachel is weeping and refusing to be consoled “

Were Mike Brown, and Eric Garner innocent babes?  No.  They were criminals killed in the commission of criminal acts.  Brown assaulting an Officer, and Garner resisting arrest while in horrible physical health.  Both extremely unprofitable decisions for both.

Elsewhere in his article the police and apparently American government are no better than the Nazis.  For we together, the police and the government are a totalitarian force subduing minorities.

“The parallel with Nazi Germany will always be called extreme by people who are not directly affected by totalitarianism….” 

He also seems to have fondness for Che Guevera, the murdering, Argentine Marxist revolutionary,  I particularly like how he links this characteristic as one of a good liberal.

I was hosted by the daughter and son-in-law of the town mayor. They were good white liberals. The husband ran the recycling program in the village. They had a poster of Che Guevera on the wall in their dining room.

Well this is getting a bit long-winded.  But so is this type of rhetoric from the liberal media, Al ‘The roof is on fire’ Sharpton, President ‘I understand their frustrations’ Obama, and oh so many more.

I just want them to do one thing for me…….. If you are going to claim racism or police brutality to make a point…….make sure the case you pick……….Can Stand Up In Court!!!!!!!

Make sure your victim didn’t break the law to get arrested and then resist arrest and die of a heart attack.  Make sure your victim didn’t rob a store, then assault a cop, try to take his gun and shoot him, then try to get at him again while not stopping as ordered.  Make sure your victim doesn’t menace a neighborhood waiving what appears to be a real gun and pick it up as police arrive.

Actually choose a case that isn’t completely understandable, as to why the police used force.  Can you do that for me?

Probably not.

I’m beginning to wonder if these extremely left activists are no different than Hamas in Gaza.  

Just like Hamas hiding behind women and children, to fire their rockets……. in hopes that they won’t get hurt…. while trying to accomplish their goals….

These people are too cowardly to be revolutionaries themselves, they spew these lies to foment hatred in minorities against law enforcement and the government….., they institute policies to keep poverty alive and well, in these communities.  They break the family apart.  All in order to force the changes they desire.

It seems they’ll allow the minorities to take the hit for them and burn down their own communities, while they sit safe and secure behind their podiums, and computer keyboards stirring the minority communities into this wild fire frenzy we all are seeing before our very eyes.

AND they do it with impunity!

Please don’t burn down New York City, like you did Ferguson.  I enjoy visiting there.

Oh and Mr. Wilson-Hartgrove…….. Jonathan-Wilson-Hartgrove_avatar_1407332351-80x80……….Stuff a Sock in it!

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