Police Malfeasance? In the light of Burning Communities through Broken Windows

There’s a phrase being bandied around out in the media by talking heads and community organizer types.

“Killing young black men with impunity! “

This is the precursor to newer battles cries, such as…..

“Hands up don’t shoot”


I can’t breathe”

Those two are more popular with the sports stars these days. Seem to fit better on T-shirts and shoes.

But they all speak to malfeasance in law enforcement.

But this impunity word, I never really knew it’s definition until I actuality looked it up.

Did you know the definition of impunity?

It sounds really evil…….

But actually it just means…

Without Punishment.

“Killing young black men without punishment! “

Doesn’t have the same ring
does it…… And I guess that’s the point of using that specified word.

It’s like they’ve contacted an advertising agency.

They could have used immunity……. But that word was already used in a different controversial matter ……..

Must have wanted their own brand of hype!


Read an article about the “Broken Window Theory” Here’s the link if you want to be mentally assaulted.


Then I read the Broken Window Theory itself…….

BROKEN WINDOWS was written by JAMES Q. WILSON AND GEORGE L. KELLING.  Two really smart guys, cause…..well here’s their credentials;
James Q. Wilson was Shattuck Professor of Government at Harvard and author of ‘Thinking About Crime’. George L. Kelling, formerly director of the evaluation field staff of the Police foundation, is a research fellow at the John F.Kennedy School of Government Harvard.

Yep…. They’re super smart dudes.

Their theory basically talks about if society doesn’t windowscorrect bad behavior in a neighborhood, it’ll seem that no one cares and thus more bad behavior will occur. Or as real smart dudes explain……………

“Second, at the community level, disorder and crime are usually inextricably linked, in a kind of developmental sequence. Social psychologists and police officers tend to agree that if a window in a building is broken and is left unrepaired, all the rest of the windows will soon be broken. This is as true in nice neighborhoods as in run-down ones. Window-breaking does not necessarily occur on a large scale because some areas are inhabited by determined window-breakers whereas others are populated by
window-lovers; rather, one unrepaired broken window is a signal that no one cares, and so breaking more windows costs nothing.(It’s always been fun)” ~ 2 smart Harvard dudes


Well the article I read said this theory needs to be used on law enforcement. For because we haven’t applied the theory to police, they have become abusive.

In this article the ate several quotes from Ken White, claiming the impunity of Police shootings,  needs to stop.

In other words, the police need punished for these shootings, but that would mean they were wrong!

But Ken, we don’t punish just actions.

So below is that quote which pretty much summarizes the original article by Ken White, and agreed to a large extent by two posts. (http://www.popehat.com/2014/12/04/broken-windows-and-broken-lives/Ken White,  and https://wordpress.com/read/post/id/256953/76652/Later On)

“Just as neighborhood thugs could once break windows with impunity, police can generally kill with impunity. They can shoot unarmed men and lie about it. They can roll up and execute a child with a toy as casually as one might in Grand Theft Auto. They can bumble around opening doors with their gun hand and kill bystanders, like a character in a dark farce, with little fear of serious consequences. They can choke you to death for getting a little mouthy about selling loose cigarettes. They can shoot you because they aren’t clear on who the bad guy is, and they can shoot you because they’re terrible shots, and they can shoot you because they saw something that might be a weapon in your hand—something that can be … any #&^*ing thing at all, including nothing.”


“… We’re not pursuing the breakers of windows. If anything, we are permitting the system … to entrench their protected right to act that way.We give them … third and fourth chances. We pretend they have supernatural powers of crime detection even when science shows that’s bullshit.We fight desperately to support their word even when they are proven liars. We sneer that “criminals have too many rights,” then give the armed representatives of our government stunning levels of procedural protections when they abuse or even kill us.

~Broken Windows And Broken Lives BY · DECEMBER 4, 2014

shoot unarmed men and lie about it.

roll up and execute a child with a toy

choke you to death for getting a little mouthy about selling loose cigarettes

If you’ve followed my posts at all recently,

………………..you can smell the B.S. intended to provoke a Thousand miles away!  Those quotes aren’t even in the same state as non-bias! Talk about misleading.  I hope you see that I’m giving you a whole bunch of the other side’s view……. So you can decide for yourself.

(But I’m Right!)

I just don’t buy this belief that misconduct is an institutionalized issue in law enforcement.  I’ve never observed it.

This statement is painted with a very broad brush………..

“The problem is that cops aren’t held accountable for their actions, and they know it. These officers violate rights with impunity.”~ a former St. Louis policeman put it in the Washington Post

Nowhere in that is a caveat that….actually the truth is very few officers fit that description.

I’ve known but a few over almost 30 years. And it was my experience that these guys were always getting their neck in the ringer. Plus no one wanted to work with them.

I agree the unions are a problem. I am not a member in good standing, with our union, and never will be, ever since, and actually before, a cop who thought it was funny to stick his gun in my side while I was driving, was defended by the same union that supposedly represented me?????

BUT I can say, The PA State Police do try very hard to get things right. I believe most cops are the same,

……..and the media, and the left, and the social media are pushing a liberally bent agenda. I’m eye on firesaddened that to me it appears that they are setting fires, in the minority groups represented in these high profile cases, and sitting back watching it burn, waiting to see their agenda pushed into legislation or worse.

Truly, as I’ve read the evidence……all of it…… in the Brown case. The officer had the right to shoot and “save” HIS life! Brown had already demonstrated he wished to shoot the officer (that not just according to the officer, but also according to forensic DNA evidence existing at the scene). If I were in HIS place and faced with the same dilemma…….. I assure you I’d have been tucking my daughter in bed that evening, and praying the good Lord forgive my use of deadly force.

IT IS NOT a choice…..ALMOST ALL Cops wish to ever make.

Eric Garner’s death is a whole nother story.

Sad ……as it was……and now is becoming. It is totally not A CRIMINAL act by police, even if Officer Pantaleo is a creep(I say that not knowing him at all just what is being reported). No matter what he is not a murderer.

When arrests become physical, which in that case was due to Garner resisting. Yes He resisted……. as soon as he pulls his hands away from the officer trying to ‘gently’, put the cuffs on him.

A police officer, can not sit back at that point and wait to see what happens next……………knifed

Does he have a knife…..

…….a gun………

…….will he hit me with his full weight behind it and be able to access my gun and kill me?

Incidentally the same justification given by Officer Wilson.

That is a legitimate justification…….. just ask thedownload family of Cpl. Joseph Pokorny, PA State Police, killed with his own firearm, when overpowered, by an assailant.

PkornyOnce knocked out or overpowered how can we stop that…….We can’t.

What the public sees in these videos,….. when they exist,….. is the ugliness of struggle against authority. Guess what…… it looks just as ugly when no video exists.

When every officer has a camera and a person dies as a result of the same actions Garner took,…. it’ll look the same, ……and it should be and will be (I pray to God) considered not indictable, because that is just.

I’m not sure what President Obama hopes to accomplish with these cameras, because the information grand juries take from them to not indict is ignored by everyone else, and then used to inflame.

“We pretend they have supernatural powers of crime detection” ~ Ken White

Cops are not superheros. Cops are human beings with the same fears as everyone else. We don’t have a
corner on non-feelings as some people seem to think.  We can’t read a person’s mind and see their intentions.  We don’t know a toy (BB) gun is a toy.

People want to say, ” we should expect better of our police officers”. Well you should, and you get just that. We don’t act out of anger or desire to kill,

………..we act out of self-preservation and need, and duty………..

If the media would do segments on police self-defense trainingtrain and justification and the use of force cycle, this all could be explained and  perhaps diffused.

Unfortunately that doesn’t fit their (the leftist, or the community organizers) political agenda.

That story won’t lead to gun control, and more leniency in irresponsible behavior on the floor of our legislature.

But the burning down of communities …………….JUST MIGHT!

Oh yes let’s fix the BROKEN windows, wherever we find them.  Unfortunately the broken windows in these cases,…. were those that died……… And we as a society are being UNJUST to the system and Officer Wilson.



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