Pushing “Peace In Our Time”, Back For Now

No deal has been struck, but that’s OK, just move the ‘deadline’ back.  To June, and then July, and then September, etc., etc., etc.

Iran Nuclear talks hit another stalemate.  Video:


and accompanying story;


The key phrase being ‘deadline’.  Yes sir, diplomacy with lunacy!  This is why the prior administrations Republican and Democrat refused to talk with this government.  Even with an agreement, it could notpinukio be thought of as a lock.  Iran has, let’s just say, been less than forthcoming over the years.  I wouldn’t want to  risk a chance at a diplomatic agreement, by stating the obvious. They LIE!  Oops couldn’t keep it in.

Speaking of lying…………

I love headlines like this:

“Poll: Clear majority supports nuclear deal with Iran”

~ The Washington Post

Such a headline was supported by this little diddy:

By a nearly 2 to 1 margin, Americans support the notion of striking a deal with Iran that restricts the nation’s nuclear program in exchange for loosening sanctions, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds. ~POLL: CLEAR MAJORITY SUPPORTS NUCLEAR DEAL WITH IRAN, The Washington Post (bold print mine)

Note the word notion. If you read further than the first paragraph the article actually refutes it’s own headline, when given context and common sense:

“But the survey — released hours before Tuesday’s negotiating deadline — also finds few Americans are hopeful that such an agreement will be effective. Nearly six in 10 say they are not confident that a deal will prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons….~POLL: CLEAR MAJORITY SUPPORTS NUCLEAR DEAL WITH IRAN, The Washington Post (bold print mine)

CLEARLY, most American’s think this diplomacy (notion) is a pipe dream when it get’s right down to the point of this stalled, misguided diplomacy.  Which is; Stopping a maniacal theocracy, bent on obliterating Israel, and continually making statements like, “death to America”, from obtaining a nuclear bomb.

The comparison’s of Obama’s focus on Diplomacy with Neville Chamberlain’s Appeasement are on point. This downloadTheocracy does not exist merely for political gain, it exists for and because of the religious fervor that drives it. Let’s face it folks, Democrats and Republicans each tell little white lies to make political headway, perhaps we’ve grown numb to their lies.  Unfortunately, that is just political ideology, this is Religious ideology a whole different monster!


We can’t afford to be lulled to sleep by political speak! While our diplomats speak it with droning perfection, the interesting thing is that Iran is having such a hard time doing it.  They can’t hide their eventual ambitions, the bomb.

Sowhy are we negotiating with these crazies?

A little knowledge on Uranium Enrichment may make an Extremist Muslim Theocracy a little dangerous, and help us understand the stakes.

From the Smithsonian Institution:

A power plant requires uranium with three to four percent U-235 (this is known as low-enriched or reactor-grade uranium), and a bomb needs uranium with a whopping 90 percent U-235 (highly enriched uranium).”

Ok, so Iran needs U-235 at 3-4 % to provide energy for their nation.

From The World Nuclear Association:

Iran has a major project developing uranium enrichment capability. This program is heavily censured by the UN, since no commercial purpose is evident. ……

……In total, Iran has fed 1541 kg of 3.5% LEU to produce(d) 189 kg of 19.75% uranium at PFEP since the beginning of operations in February 2010………

……International concern regarding the surge of activity in enrichment to about 20% U-235 is based on the fact that in terms of SWU (energy) input this is about 90% of the way to weapons-grade material, and thus would require only a small and possibly clandestine plant to bridge the gap……
……….The underground Fordow enrichment plant (FFEP) is evidently playing a larger role in producing 19.75% enriched uranium, using the well-proved IR-1 centrifuges. This positions Iran to stockpile a large amount of 19.75% LEU in a facility better protected against military strikes…… “~ World Nuclear Association http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/Country-Profiles/Countries-G-N/Iran/

Why does Iran want Nuclear power?

For energy sources.  They say, they have no desire to produce a bomb.

“I say, Here, Here, cheerio chaps, good show!”~ The Stuffed Sock

Then why enrich it beyond the needed enrichment?  Because, now they are a hop, skip and a jump from being able to develop the bomb.

Why do so in a below ground, heavily fortified, (clandestine) facility?

Why is Iran refusing to relinquish its stockpiles of enriched nuclear materials?

Why indeed!

To have a nuclear bomb!  Period.  Nothing else.  That is why these talks are so closely watched, and heatedly debated.  Most directly by Israel.  Because in the end, if no answer comes from the next ‘deadline’, or the next ‘deadline’, Israel may be facing their deadline.

Our President continues to trust a country that has consistently desired and stated, “death to America”, while throwing the Israelis and Benjamin Netanyahu (our allies) under the bus, of this sad display, of diplomacy run a muck!

Look, Hitler had no intention of not attacking his neighbors, and wreaking havoc on the world.  The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei likewise will not hesitate to use the new force Iran is likely to obtain, as this historically repetitive, farcical diplomacy plays out.

Iran is a menacing country with an aging extremist Supreme Leader who is sure to be followed by one as extreme if not more so,” the source added. “Don’t forget that the election for head of ayatollahthe body that chooses the next supreme leader, the Guardian Council, went decisively for the most extreme cleric possible, rejecting the ‘moderate’ choice.””~http://freebeacon.com/issues/iran-refuses-to-give-up-core-nuke-materials/

In case you are unaware, Iran is the leading nation in State supported Terroristic activities.  That means they support terrorists.

Once Israel is dealt with who do you think is next?  As if, Israel being obliterated is an acceptable outcome, as long as we stay safe?


These talks just keep on dragging out, don’t they, and John Kerry, for all his good intentions, just looks more and more like Neville Chamberlain, saying,

“When I was a little boy I used to repeat, If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again!”  ~ Neville Chamberlain ‘Peace In Our Time’ Speach

As the, ostrich like, American public buries their heads in the media sands, our government is leading us down the same diplomacy path that brought us, “Peace In Our Time”



God help us.

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