However, I wouldn’t Be Surprised

Baltimore is burning, and why?  Police malfeasance, ‘Justice for Freddy Gray!’, ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot!’

First Brown, now Gray!

I’ve written extensively about the Michael Brown case and have no desire to revisit that charade again.  Suffice it to say, the activists have made a mountain out of a molehill, and have used it to continually spur on further actions.  Yet, the case was shown to be justifiable, if still tragic.

Now comes this little gray 1diddy, from a fellow criminal that was in the van with Freddy Gray, as reported in The Washington Post:

Read it yourself and let me tell you a story;

It’s a story of a young Trooper arresting a man in a domestic case.  The man that was arrested didn’t like the police.  He had many arrests, prior to this one, and the list on his rap sheet continued well past this incident.

He saw an opportunity perhaps to make some money, I’m not sure of his motivation, but once at the policesee me stand station he refused to move out of the police cruiser.

He kicked at the Trooper and other Troopers that tried to assist.  He spit on the Troopers.  He had no shoes on, because upon being arrested he would not allow the young Trooper to place his cowboy boots on his feet. The young Trooper and several other officers began to carry him into the station.

The man in custody began to drag his barefeet on the pavement, scratching them, and fighting the Troopers as they attempted to lift his feet from the ground.

Once inside the station, the man was handcuffed to a wall mounted chain while the Young Trooper prepared the paper work.  All of a sudden this man began to violently smack his head off of the cement block wall.  It sounded as if someone was smacking a big juicy watermellon. Sort of a sick, watery, hollowish sound, that the young Trooper was repulsed and sickened by. How could a person do such a thing to himself, why would he do such a thing?

He was moved to a chain affixed to a heavy desk in the middle of the room, so he could not smack his head on the wall anymore.  The man then continued to wallup his head onto the tile floor!   An older Trooper at this time had to actually sit with him and restrain him in an attempt to keep him from injuring himself.  That move if videotape was available back in 1987 would have been seen as oppressive no doubt.

Again upon the charges being completed, the man was taken back to the patrol car and to the judge for arraignment.

All the time dragging his feet regardless of the Troopers efforts to stop that from occurring.

After arraignment the man was taken to the hospital for observation and eventually to the jail.

Now I don’t know, to this day, why the man I had in custody during my first year as a Trooper did those things that day, but He did.  He might have wanted to sue me for police brutality, but due to the beating he inflicted on his own head, forgot those intentions.

Perhaps he wanted to be taken to a mental ward for evaluation, instead of going to jail.  What ever his reasons, he harmed himself that day.  The other Troopers and I attempted to keep him from harming himself.

I also don’t know what happened in that police van in Baltimore.  But the story in the Washington Post may add some light to the injuries causation.  It may seem implausible to some.  However, I wouldn’t be surprised.

“A prisoner sharing a police transport van with Freddie Gray told investigators that he could hear Gray “banging against the walls” of the vehicle and believed that he “was intentionally trying to injure himself,” according to a police document obtained by The Washington Post.

The prisoner, who is currently in jail, was separated from Gray by a metal partition and could not see him. His statement is contained in an application for a search warrant, which is sealed by the court.” ~ The Washington Post, April 29

This video verifies that Gray had to be restrained, shortly after originally being placed in the van and driven off, due to some type of activity within the van.

A short aside, regarding the original arrest;

I like the reporters statement that Freddy Gray’s legs ‘were bent backwards’ like a pretzel.  I hate to inform her, but that is the way legs bend.  That shouldn’t have damaged anyones spine.

Back to the video, basically it verifies the other subject in the van’s statement.

So why would someone in police custody throw himself around a van?  As I’ve said, self inflicted injuries are not an oddity within the law enforcement world.  There is perhaps money to be had, or a political agenda to move forward.  Various incentives.

I’ll add, seat belts often are removed by those being transported in patrol cars, you’d be amazed at the flexibility of some of the folks I’ve arrested.  They’d have given mom and dad quite a hard time keeping them in their child safety seats.  Some bad guys are just pretty good escape artists.

To be sure, it seems the police have some issues, the seat belt, and with acquiring post injury medical help for Mr Gray, but as per the injuries themselves, who put them there?  The officers or Gray himself.

Of course I don’t know about this case, but then there is this;

I just read a story as to why Freddy Gray had so many run ins with the law. Lead Paint!

A little excerpt from the article follows, which may lend some light to Mr. Gray’s physical condition upon exiting the van.

“Before his controversial death earlier this month while in police custody, which has set this city aflame in rioting, the life of Freddie Gray was defined by failures in the classroom, run-ins with the law, and an inability to focus on anything for very long. Many of those problems began when he was a child and living in this house, according to a 2008 lead poisoning lawsuit filed by Gray and his siblings against the property owner, which resulted in an undisclosed settlement.” Washington Post, April 29

Law suits, because of ‘Lead induced’ ADHD!  I’m ADHD too, I didn’t know I could sue the lead industry!?!?! Retirement here I come!  Must have missed that class action lawsuit!

So Freddy has a history of suing.  Just thinking out loud.

Now I’m not saying that’s what Freddy was up to. However, I wouldn’t be surprised.

So now Baltimore burns.  And ‘solidarity’, not so peaceful, protests are occurring in places such as New York, Washington D.C., and Boston.

The activists are all over this, but yet again, what are they fighting against?  Their focus is alway frankly, out of focus.  A man (Brown)who attacks the police is killed in Ferguson, another resists arrest (Garner) in New York and dies, and now a man flinging himself, in a possible attempt to harm himself in Baltimore actually does harm himself and dies.

Here we see the truth, the activists are trying to build a revolution, but their revolution is not a righteous one. It is flawed in it’s conception, because their focus is always skewed.

By the way, take a look at this picture. How many of these protestors whiteyactually have experienced the racism of police officers?  Could it be they have another agenda?

Sorry my ‘lead’ induced ADHD is kicking up!

If your gonna pick a fight, be right about it.  Don’t pick these flawed cases, just because you have a video, that seems so ugly.  Or a situation that seems so unfair. Investigations have shown the flaws in most of these cases.  When they don’t show justification or do show police malfeasance, then I say let justice roll.  But ‘Mob Justice’ is never justice, and photos, like this one just prove my point.  It ain’t about Gray, Brown or Garner!

The actual community’s (in this case Baltimore’s) people may well have grievances, but these outsiders fomenting  the riots don’t have any business speaking for them, while burning down their businesses hurting innocents (often the very residents that live there), and interrupting commerce.

These are not riots they are well organized Terrorist attacks, by professional Activists.

Just so we know what Terrorism is………



the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.


a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.” ~
But I digress.
Did Mr. Gray’s intend to die? Did Mr. Brown? How about Mr. Garner?  Did the police intend to kill them? The thing is, I seriously doubt thoughtful, considerate readers, truly believe any of the answers to those questions would be yes.
But actions have consequences, and some consequences are unseen, unexpected, unwanted, unbelievable, regrettable, disastrous, and so on.
Let me speak to Baltimore’s people, do you really want these Activist Terrorists destroying your town, your workplaces, your commerce?  Do you really want Anarchist Activists to be the voice of your grievances?
Look I don’t know , but I have some clues as to what happened to Freddy Gray, so if you are tired of this ugly behavior on your streets, stand up against it!  Cast them out! If you don’t, just wait and see what happens in Baltimore when it is found out the police didn’t forcibly injuretempFileForShare_2015-04-30-14-03-37 Mr. Gray.
Don’t take my word for it when speaking about the Protesters, take it from Pastor West, who succinctly put it.
“it’s not protesters on the street we have opportunist on the street, this movement has become about us and not justice, peace or change…..”~ @pastor_west
It’s become about some activist political agenda, not Freddy Gray and not the city of Baltimore’s struggles.
From the New York Times, Baltimore is fearing more violence if their ‘residents’ (read out of town activists) don’t get the information they desire from the investigation.
 “Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has said she would like information to be released as soon as possible, but said Wednesday after talking with Mr. Gray’s relatives that justice mattered more than speed. “Whatever time the state’s attorney needs to make that determination, the family wants to get it right,” she said.” ~ New York Times, April 29
Well that’s all fine and dandy, but what if justice, means:
1.) The police didn’t inflict the injuries
2.) The Police failed to get quick medical attention
3.) The medical failure was accidental
If the family wants to get it right, and that’s the right conclusion, and it could be, then why will Baltimore have to continue to suffer the Activist rage?  Do these folks in this picture justicehave any business with the Gray’s  grief?  Do the Gray’s really want rioting and looting and burning down of businesses to go on, if the justice is not the activist’s justice?
I don’t know what Freddy Gray intended, but I do know what the activists intend.
Perhaps on Saturday, nothing to speak of will have happened in Baltimore, and at various other ‘solidarity’ sights.  I hope I’m wrong about all this, and not right.
However, I wouldn’t be surprised.


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