“Speak Lies To Power”: Lying To The Disenfranchised


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ‘s columnimages (12) on Time.com is probably the most frustrating assessment I’ve read to date, on the Racial Riots we are seeing across our country.

To summarize, he says we all just need to accept that these folks have legitimate complaints, and that until we do something about it, we will face more and more racial unrest.

The only race that isn’t resting, are the African-American communities that feel disenfranchised, neglected and abused by the authorities that govern them.

What happened in Baltimore isn’t just a one-and-done situation. This wasn’t just a slight sprain in the ankle that we’ll be able to walk off by morning. This was a violently shattered bone that will have America limping forward on crutches for months to come, maybe even years.” ~ Kareem Abdul- Jabbar.

Threats of more violence, is what works as seen in Baltimore this past week, so let’s take hold of that and use it further!  I couldn’t agree more, that we are in for a long summer.  The knee jerk reaction, or perhaps the thoughtfully planned out practice of pouring gasoline on the fire, by the State’s Attorney in Baltimore guarantees that!

Didn’t Marilyn Mosby become a sudden rock star!

“The image of the cops carrying him, his legs dangling uselessly, his neck crooked awkwardly is a visual manifestation of the impotence many African-Americans have felt over the past year as death after death of black people at the hands of police keep adding up.”~ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

This statement is so over the top, even for one of the greatest centers in NBA history!  A classic Jabbar sky hook.  I’ve watched the video of the arrest and read the reports.  Gray didn’t want to go with the cops and made them carry him to the van.  Once there he got into the van on his own power.  Once inside he threw himself about like a rag doll, and eventually, it seems, he inflicted the injuries that took his own life.

That is more likely, what we will see is an accurate assessment of Freddy Gray’s sad demise.  When we do, we will see Baltimore burn again.  Unfortunately, in the black community they are having trouble finding leaders who speak the truth about what is happening to them.  Kareem, is just another example of that.

“About 70 unarmed blacks have been killed by police between 1999 and 2014″

And that number tells us what exactly?  It’s a stand alone statistic meant to incite or at the very least build sympathy for the group.  Yet, what does it actually stand for?

Kareem is a smart man and so are the majority of pundits covering the Race Riot Stories.  These folks know that statistics can say what you want them to say.  In this case they are reaching for hearts on a statistic that sounds bad, and points to a culprit. Institutionalized Racism.  However, when looked at closely, it fails to make the point they desire.  The problem is nobody is looking close! admin-ajax

This chart shows the total number and racial makeup of deaths when Legal Intervention is involved, during the years 1999-2013.  The same time frame Kareem talks about 70 unarmed black men being killed by police.  The chart fairly depicts white people are getting killed just as often as all minorities combined. These numbers obtained from the CDC, ( all deaths are per 100,000)(http://webappa.cdc.gov/sasweb/ncipc/mortrate10_us.html)

Why are so many white people being killed by cops?  Is it because of racism or are they involved in activities that bring them into contact with the police in violent ways?

The total population amount for those numbers is 4,472,293,305, the total US combined population from 1999 to 2013. Of the almost 4.5 Billion people, there were 6,338 total deaths (.o14), during legal interventions, the vast majority are not in dispute.  Of the 1,724 black deaths, Kareem states that a total of 70 of those were unarmed. Seventy, nice round number, looks good in print, and can be used to incite indignation, yet what does it really represent?

An actual scientific study done at that bastion of Conservatism, Washington State University-Spokane, tells a story contrary to the one Jabbar is telling.  Of course, Kareem doesn’t tell any of his readers about this study

What did the study show, you ask?

“In sum,” writes Dr. Lois James, a research assistant professor with the university’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology who headed the study, “this research found that participants displayed significant bias favoring Black suspects” in their shooting decisions.

Why is this scientific study, which presents what is actually occurring, as opposed to perceived racism by communities, not being talked about by community organizers, politicians, and pundits such as Jabbar?

I also went to the following, not so friendly to cops website, http://www.innocentdown.org/ where they are documenting all the innocent people killed by cops since last September.  My little venture to that site gave me the following results. They report that 28 ‘innocent’ white people were killed by police since September 7, 2014.  During that same time there were 14 ‘innocent’ black people killed by police.  I didn’t study the site long, just looked at the pictures of the deceased.  So I’m not sure of the criteria for being considered ‘innocent’, but there you go.  Twice as many whites in the same time frame, were killed with impunity.  So where is the racist bent in those numbers?

But let’s play the liberal game and ignore science, when it suits our cause.

I’ll take Jabbar’s numbers of unarmed blacks killed by the police (70) since 1999, and only give the police a 50% justified kill rate. That’s 35 questionable killings in fifteen years. Possible murders of black men by police.  I can’t even give you a number that represents how small a group of deaths that is per 100,000 since 1999!

Since this seems to be mainly a black/white issue I’ll focus on these two groups stats.  Except to mention I’m not sure why Native Americans and Native Alaskans aren’t revolting, because they have the second highest number of deaths per capita.

By The Way: If you want a whole different perspective Here’s the ‘Mother Jones’ website, and please check out how the site uses stats, without providing the bigger picture.

http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2014/08/police-shootings-micdownload (3)hael-brown-ferguson-black-men

Let’s check out the numbers provided by the CDC to compare the white and black issue.

Comparing homicides from 1999, 121,409 blacks or 21.44 /  100,000, of the total black population were killed in reported homicides, not involving legal intervention! The vast majority of those were committed by black people with the total black population being 566,293,020.  That is 2.7/100,000 of the  total US population.

For whites, the reported homicides since 1999 were,  82,847, or 2.8/100,000, of the total white population of 2,986,872,537 .  Likewise most of these homicides were committed by white people.  That is 1.9/100,000 of the total US population.

“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, homicide was indeed the No. 1 killer of black men between the ages of 15 and 34 in 2011, the most recent year with statistics available. Accidents were the second leading cause of death.

Compared to other ethnicities, the numbers really stand out. Forty percent of African-American males 15-34 who died were murdered, according to the CDC, compared to just 3.8 percent of white males who died. Overall, 14 percent of all men 15-34 who died in 2011 were murdered.” ~http://www.poynter.org/news/mediawire/266133/fact-checking-claims-about-race-after-ferguson-shooting/

Here is a HUGE problem that no one is addressing! . If black on black crime, in these economically depressed black communities, is statistically so violent, why would we expect police encounters to be any less so?  These communities are 18.6/100,000 more violent than white communities.  That’s huge!  Police need to be more vigilant in an area that seems to honor life so little.  Yet there is that study that says, actually police are much more considerate before shooting black people than when shooting white people.

If white Americans were being killed at the same clip as black Americans,  we’d have 436,603.69 total murdered white people instead of what it actually is!

Is there perhaps economic reasons, for the disparities seen in the stats.   Could a breakdown of typical family supports in the depressed communities in our country be feeding this problem?

Look at the numbers, not what the TV and the community organizers are telling you!

The total population of blacks in America during this time span has been 566,293,020,   121,409 homicides, 2.8 /100,000 killed predominantly by blacks.

The total population of whites during this time span has been 2,986,872,537  82,847 homicides, 1.9/100,000 predominantly killed by whites.

Truth is born out when we look at all the numbers.  The black community is by far more violent.  It’s not like this is news.

In any city, it is much more desirable and more comfortable to live in the upscale communities than in the projects.  Am I saying something that we don’t inherently know to be true?  Is it fair?  No?  Maybe? I’m not sure.  Depends on who is doing the damage.

So what is the real damage causing agent?  It’s not the police.  If the people in these communities feel disenfranchised, changes in police departments aren’t going to change that, but that’s the story.   Because it takes the focus off the real problem.

Ask yourself who benefits by all this strife in America?

There is only one group.  Incidentally, it’s the same group that actually can, change and help the people who feel disenfranchised.

 The Politicians.

Who runs the politics in; Baltimore, Oakland, Seattle, New York, San Francisco, St. Louis, Chicago or Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland?

Let’s start with St. Louis, since 1949 every mayor has been a Democrat.

New York City has had one Conservative Republican, Mayor Giuliani, since 1946.  Bloomberg is NOT a Republican (even though he claimed it)!

Oakland, CA hasn’t had a Republican in office since 1977.

San Francisco, has been in Democratic hands since 1964.

Seattle has drunk the Democrats coffee since 1969

Boston, go figure, Democrat since 1930.

Chicago Democrat since 1931.

Cleveland has been covered in the brown excrement of Democrats for all except for 12 years since  1942 and none since 1990.detroit

Detroit, is that even a city anymore?  Detroit began it’s decline in 1962, when it went, apparently, Democrat forevermore!

Philadelphia Democrats haven’t rung the Liberty Bell since 1952.  If you live there that explains your plight.

Last but certainly not least, Baltimore, 1963-1967 was the last term for Theodore McKeldin, before that he served his first term from 1943- 1947.  Every other year has been a Democrat.  A total of 74 years of Democratic rule since 1947.

The same can be said for the various run down district’s politicians in these cities.  The urban areas are where the majority of America’s black population lives and their residents are crying out, because they have been disenfranchised. Who are their community organizers? Democrats. Who runs the local government? Democrats.  Who is setting the economical direction of the cities?   Democrats. Who is Disenfranchising them?  Not the police.

Who is telling them, images (15)‘we hear you and we’re going to do something about it’?  ‘We are going to stop killer cops!’ ‘They are keeping you back.’ Notice the deflection of responsibility, by those who have the actual power.

The Democrats,  who by the way, want to stay in power, and are continually voted  into office by the ones that they impoverish!  The political strategy, “Just provide a cause that our constituents can get behind.”  This time it’s the racist police, the Institutionalized racism of law enforcement.  The police are the ones causing the citizen’s in these areas to feel discriminated against.

No, it’s the failed politicians in those communities , that keep getting re-elected, by feeding on the fear of those they govern.   They claim that the other parties won’t care, and won’t fund the changes needed.images (13)

As Bill Clinton coined, “I feel your pain.”

What have these elected done?  Nothing productive for at least 50 plus years in these communities to change the minority’s plight. What money they bring in is spent frivolously,  or stolen by the unions,  that the Democratic politicians also use to get re-elected.  They certainly aren’t improving the plight or feelings of their constituents.

So ‘racism inherent in law enforcement‘, is the current mantra.  With the complicit work of the liberal media, they are doing ‘urban street magic’ better than David Blaine!

When is this going to change?  when the people who have been held back by their failed politicians realize they’ve been sold a bill of goods.

Unlike Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s, statistical blame game of a story (lie)! The truth is, these are local problems, forged on the people by the failed policies of their local politicians.  These unfortunate people have been duped repeatedly, by the lies their politicians, and their community leaders use.  Thus securing their voting base, because they are the only ones who care.

Those who care?  The real Uncle Toms (aren’t Clarence Thomas, Dr Ben Carson, or Condoleezza Rice); Sharpton, Jackson, Young,  Rangel, Obamaimages (14)foment lies and foster the politics of hate in these urban areas. Thus, they keep their voting block in check, so they can stay in power, by keeping those they claim to represent hopeless.  They ultimately represent themselves.  Add Lamont Hill to the list;

On CNN, conservative African-American radio host Larry Elder and liberal African-American professor and author Marc Lamont Hill debated the state of race relations in the country.

How often does it happen that an unarmed black is shot by a cop?” Elder asked in the Aug. 20, 2014, interview.

Every 28 hours,” Hill said. “Every 28 hours, Larry. Larry, every 28 hours. According to the MXGM study, a black person is killed by law enforcement, vigilantes or security …”

Elder cut in, but Hill revisited his point later in the interview, saying, “But if this study bears out, and it does, that every 28 hours an unarmed black person is killed, then that also is a problem.”

Hill has his figures wrong. That claim rates False.

The report is not an academic, unbiased representation of these deaths. It was put together by one volunteer researcher and details 313 deaths based on news clips and police reports. It arrives at one death “every 28 hours” by dividing the number of hours in a year, 8,760, by the number of deaths, 313.

But the report doesn’t say what Hill offered on CNN, that an “unarmed black person is killed” every 28 hours……………..In fact, less than half of the people who were killed were unarmed, according to MXGM. PunditFact found 136 were labeled as unarmed after reviewing the compiled profile…………..  ………..Also, not all of the “unarmed” people are analogous to Brown’s case or were killed by police.” ~http://www.poynter.org/news/mediawire/266133/fact-checking-claims-about-race-after-ferguson-shooting/

The actual statistic is,  one unarmed black man is killed every 64 hours by ‘maybe a’ police officer.

Would Lamont Hill’s statement have had the same effect if he’d offered the truth?

I love the left rally cry, of “speak, Truth to Power!”

From the Urban Dictionary:

A phrase coined by the Quakers during in the mid-1950s. It was a call for the United States to stand firm against fascism and other forms of totalitarianism; it is a phrase that seems to unnerve political right, with reason.
The founders of United States risked their lives in order to speak truth to power, that of King George. It was and is considered courageous, although is more commonly scorned today.” ~http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=speak%20truth%20to%20power

The leftist mob loves to speak ‘truth’ to power,  but with this issue in mind, we see that the truth is actually a lie and the leaders of the left use this well.

Today Truth to Power really should be…..

‘Speak Lies To Power!’

The police problem is a ruse, a slight of hand! Sure there are problems in the communities, but they aren’t being fostered by the police.  The problems are being created by the left.  Created to keep their policies and personal fortunes, in the power seat. What other choice do they have?  They can’t say look at what we’ve done for you all these years!

Stats can be used to foster  abominable lies, but not if, as I have, you seek and present them all!  Then truth can be found.  Stats actually don’t lie, just the people using the stats.

If folks actually were willing to seek the truth!

They wouldn’t be fooled by the urban magicians!


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