Becoming An Islamophobe

Today I stopped and had lunch at  Qdoba on  the Southside of Pittsburgh.   While I shoveled my  Burrito Bowl into my mouth, a young  Arabic man  sat  down in the  next  booth.  Probably harmless,  right?

Then  why,  can  you  tell me, did  I instantly  wish that I had my sidearm tucked neatly in my pant line. Nothing against this fella personally, and I don’t care that he worships different than I,  I just  don’t want  to die without a fighting chance.

Hell, for all I know  he  might  have been  born  right  across the  river  at  Mcgee’s Woman’s  Hospital?  He might even worship at the same church as me?

The  unfortunate thing for him,  is  all these attacks  occurring all over the world, are being carried out by people that look just like him!   The same age as him. Wearing similar clothes


as him,  you know the kind that says outwardly,  “I’m one of you. ”  As if  he  is  assimilated and has become an American.

But  he  hasn’t,  as  far  as  I  can  tell,  or if he has how will I ever know?

I’m becoming an Islamophobe.

I didn’t ask for this.  I never was an Islamophobe before,  before 9/11, when  I watched  the  World Trade Center melt into the earth.


Demolished along  with  over  three thousand souls, when terrorists that looked like him flew airliners into the iconic New York  skyscraper.

But ever since, I don’t fly in a plane without extra anxiety, if I see someone that looks like him on my flight.

Do you know what  I mean?

And it keeps getting worse.

Now you may  tell me  about  Eric Rudolph,  or  Timothy McVeigh,  who  were  home grown terrorists.  You  may  tell me about  the  loonies that shoot up our kid’s schools, colleges, and our work places.   I get it,  America is chalk full of dangerous people, but this is different.

This is different.

I don’t  want to be,  but  I  am.   I don’t want  to  be  wary of a young man  because of the way he looks,  but  I am.

At least one hundred and twentynine people were killed and  almost  five hundred more  injured  when eight Islamic radicals decided to kill and die for Allah.  Eight is hardly the whole  Islamic population in France,  yet they all looked like this guy.

President Obama is pushing forth his policy of taking in Syrian refugees, even after this  French Murderous Assault by  Syrian, Islamic men purported to be (no doubt) part of ISIS.  Many State Governors as well are  following suit.   Yet at  least  one, up to four, of the terrorists reportedly  had entered France disguised as a Syrian Refugee.

Shouldn’t our government be protecting it’s citizens?  If so  why  are  we  valuing our citizen’s lives so little by pushing through these refugees.   While the President says there are rigorous security checks on  these folks, his  underlings  have said otherwise.

“Leaders from the FBI, National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have repeatedly indicated to my Committee that we lack the on-the-ground intelligence necessary to thoroughly vet Syrian refugees seeking to resettle here,”~ Michael McCaul(R-TX) House Homeland Security Chairman

So  my  concerns  are :

Others that  look like this guy have blown up onlookers as they watched a Marathon in  Boston, tried to blow up a car in  Times Square, shot and killed numerous unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood,


shot repeatedly into Marine recruiting offices,  and  a Chattanooga Reservist Depot, killing the finest of our society,  in Tennessee.

In France,  there  have  been  two  horrific  atrocities in less than  a year,  and  in  Israel, Syria,  Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt,  and  on a plane traveling  to Russia, people have met there death at the hands of these sworn killers.

Decapitated news reporters on TV for all to see,  Kidnapped school girls from their school,  are  targeted.  Let’s face it, people that  look like him are killing  innocents everywhere they can.

I’m becoming an  Islamophobe.

Now, we are going  to  add  to  the  number  of  folk that  look like him,  right here in the good ole U. S. of A..   At  a time when  people that look like him, are calling for people that look like him, to kill people that look like me.  Especially in America,  now that they’ve got  Russia, and  France. They have actually said,

“America is next! “~ISIS dudes that look like him.

Our  President, feels America is all about, being  a home for wayward  refugees,

“Slamming the door in their faces would be a betrayal of our values,” ~Obama

Obama adds,

“The people who are fleeing Syria are the most harmed by terrorism,”

OK, that may be true, but it is their country and  faith that  fosters that very  terrorism they may or may not be running from.

Syria is their country and they have failed to quell the environment that fosters such Ideology.  An ideology where men that look like him often become people who look forward to killing folks like me!

In Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh, Governor Wolfe and  Mayor Peduto , are on board with Obama.

Pittsburgh is reportedly going to take five hundred Syrian refugees.   While, I am sure they aren’t all terrorists,  if  only one percent have terroristic proclivities that’s bad news for Pittsburgh.


Consider the damage,  five would be terrorists, that look like him, could inflict  in Pittsburgh, on any given Sunday, on the  Northside during football season.

Obama has said his administration is accepting ten thousand refugees nationally.  One percent of those desiring to commit terroristic attacks would be  an extra hundred terrorists with  suicide vests and  Kalishnikovs roaming our streets and inflicting their brand of urban renewal on us compassionate Americans.

Did I mention, I’m becoming an Islamophobe.

This kind of renewal will be felt by the people, not our leaders. The leaders supposedly elected for the people by the people. Our leaders will be safely tucked away in their plush DC or state  Capitol offices.

But people waiting in line to board the  Gateway Clipper fleet following the football game at the confluence of the Allegheny and  Monongahela Rivers will be sitting ducks.

Shouldn’t us citizens feel our government is doing all they can to keep us safe?  So why do we have to open our country’s doors wide open to unvetted refugees.   I know they need help, but they need to be patient.

If anyone would understand this, it should be the refugees ,  apparently they are Islamophobic too.


I mean, four million of them are trying to get away from people who look like him killing them!

If they are trying to escape the same thing I’m worried about slinking into our country, surely they wouldn’t mind being patient. Wouldn’t they want  the US to make sure the Islamic radicals don’t get in along side of them.

And just for the record, I don’t like going places without my sidearm for all the reasons not connected with Radical Islam, but……

I’m becoming an  Islamophobe.

And  I  don’t  like it.  Not  one  bit.


2 thoughts on “Becoming An Islamophobe

  1. Great points Dave. I remember years ago when the word out of Europe was that Americans all think they’re John Wayne. I haven’t heard that in a few years. I think we need to make them remember who The Duke was and what it means to bean American. And not just Europe. The Middle East too.


    1. Here’s to the Duke. They don’t do movies like that anymore.

      I wish or fellow Americans cared more about their fellow citizens, neighbors, friends and family. There is a great disconnect I’m finding in this country where they have a self centered view, and with since they don’t see themselves being killed by a terrorist (“it can’t happen to me”), they think is compassionate to just open up or country to these refugees.

      Ultimately that lacks compassion for both our citizens and the ‘actual’ refugees who may eventually be killed by a sneaky terrorist.

      I used the word sneaky.


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