As the picture infers the right hand isConflict 18 letting the left hand have it!  So it is with Stuffed Sock!

I grew up in a Democrat family.  Yet if truth be known my parents raised us to be careful critical thinkers and fairly conservative.  Not unlike most Western PA families.  Yet the area is mostly controlled by Democrats.  The major media outlets push their agenda, and some in the older generations are lost in that.  Our educational systems push their agenda, and the younger generations are lost in that.

As a cop for almost 29 years, I learned early on in my career that I was a conservative, not a liberal, and basically that meant Republican, not Democrat.  My Brother-in-law, and brother also both cops realized that as well.

My Dad, the staunch Democrat says we;  my sister and her husband, my brother and his wife and my wife and I have all been brainwashed by Fox News, and Rush Limbaugh etc., etc..  I find it interesting that all of us are conservative, and truly our beliefs never changed, through brainwashing, but what changed was how we could see where our beliefs were best represented.

In actuality, my Dad is stuck with what he reads in Liberal run magazines, news, and the politics of the past.  He can’t escape it, because he doesn’t own or know how to use a computer.  He may have some liberal social ideals, but in all reality he is primarily a conservative individual.  He just doesn’t know it.

Of course I can’t tell him that,  unless we want to have it out over Thanksgiving Dinner!  Not worth it!

But for everyone else out there.  Well let’s just say, I don’t eat Thanksgiving with you, so I can tell you what I think.

I believe if you read with an open mind, you will find as I have, that truth is found in common sense, over our heartfelt feelings.  We may desire an outcome, but acting on our feelings isn’t always going to be the best way to accomplish it.  We must measure all political actions through the spectrum of common sense and unintended consequences.

Today there are a whole lot of unintended consequences going on out there.  Some might say they aren’t unintended at all.

There is a powerful machine trying to blind us to truth, and removing the Bureaucratic cataracts the machine is inflicting on our society, is the determined goal of Stuffed Sock.  For once we were blind, but now we see!

I love you Dad, but you’re actually a Republican who doesn’t know it!  So are most of you!

May we all have eyes to see.


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