Body Cameras: On Everyone!

If you like, check out this article about Hilary Clinton and her belief in transparency and accountability for the police thanks to body cameras.  Hilary’s following quotes come from this story.

Body cameras for police.  Of course, this will solve all our policing problems.

Here’s no less an authority on the matter, than Hilary ‘Rod-n-Gun’ Clinton, saying police body cameras will,

“improve transparency and accountability in order to protect those on both sides of the lens.” ~ Hillary Clinton

Yes, cameras on police will improve accountability and transparency, for the police.  This is a popular solution to the ills that are filling our streets with, ‘police killing young men of color with impunity’.

And the politicians are putting action to their words. Good for them.  But I’ve got a better idea!

Body cameras for “EVERYONE”!  Sure!  Why not!

Let’s face it we don’t have freedom of privacy any more in our country.  Not with the NSA snooping around and invading it.  Not with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and just about any other app out there collecting all our information.


In order to be a citizen in the US of A  you have to wear a body camera at all times.  Heck it can be implanted in each of us, just above the unibrow area.  Every night the contents of the 24 hr cycle would automatically be uploaded to government servers for use if and only if necessary, to prove the truth of a situation in question.

If you were traveling to the US for business, fun in the sun, or staying for an extended time on a Visa, you would have to be fitted with a disposable camera, that would be superglued in the same, unibrow area, location until your trip to our transparent society was completed.

I don’t think this type of technology is impossible.  It possibly already exists.

Here’s an artist who implanted his own camera into the back of his head.  It images (20)didn’t work out so well, He had to have it removed as his body was rejecting parts of it. Then again, he was neither a doctor or a camera expert so….. if we do this, we should leave implants to the experts, not this guy!  Plus, that camera would look odd on our foreheads!

Here is a pretty small body camera that could maybe be adapted to the unibrow area with a few minor adaptations.

“Chesapeake police officers started wearing body cameras – small enough to attach to a collar, shoulder or eyeglasses – in 2008. ………’It’s notteenie tiny camera an all-seeing eye, but it’s close,’ Wright said, explaining his early support for the cameras. ‘It is an independent viewpoint.'”~

Heck Google already might be uploading videos from a micro contact lense camera.

“The control circuit linked wirelessly or via wire with a camera and sensor. Lenses use wireless transmitter and a minuscule glucose sensor to help those diabetic persons whogoogle-lens need to keep the watch to maintain the insulin to adjust their dose. This amazing wearable technology has invented in Google’s X lab and published recently by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Cameras and sensors surrounded on the surface which controlled by blinking as well use to take pictures of hands-free as well will help blind people to navigate obstacles.”~

So don’t think this far-fetched!

Cameras on EVERYONE would have some instant results.

1.) The NSA could track illegal visitors to our country, because the cameras would also have homing signals attached to them.  With the use of special scanning equipment they would be able to single out those without cameras/homing signals.   They could then give them properly implanted cameras and release them back into ‘our’ society.   Obviously they would not be able to engage in illegal activity without liability at that point, and any plans they make from the implant forward could be thwarted with the NSA technology!

2.) All crime would be reduced. WHY?  Because the footage taken each day would be run daily through various computer  video scanning programs designed  for criminal activity, terrorist activity, and perhaps even bad neighbor activity.  There’s nothing worse than a bad neighbor, right?  When a clip is red flagged, then and only then, the authorities would get involved.

3.) You won’t have to ever worry about your rights being infringed again.  The authorities will be wearing cameras too, so they can’t violate rights, not without being flagged themselves!

You see!  It’s perfect.

If you are caught, well it’s your own fault, the camera gave you up.  I mean do you have a right to terrorize people or a right to commit crimes? Absolutely not! Thus there are no privacy issues, because you have no right to privacy while in the commission of those activities.

I see only one problem.  This is going to take a new law, right?  Here is the problem?  The House, The Senate, and The Executive branch, are the once passing the new law.  They, along with their mightily oppressed patrons, are the ones crying for transparency and accountability for the police.  I agree police should be accountable and transparent.

Here’s the thing, these politicians, passing this new law, are the same ones that have recently passed Health Care Reform right?  Aren’t politicians always claiming they want to be transparent and accountable?  Just like they think the police should be.  Well my problem is, this will only work if they don’t vote an exemption for themselves!  You know like they did with Health Care.

If we put cameras on the politicians, and community organizers and the social activists, and the anarchists, and the campaign workers, and the Union members, and the media/journalists, in time, I doubt we’d need cameras on the police.

The police aren’t the problem, they are the scapegoat of the failure of ‘sleazy politics’ in bed with all the others. It’s those groups who are the ones pouring the accelerant and tossing the lighted matches on to the constituents with the police issues, that are putting cameras on police in the first place.

Why do the policing issues exist?  I think if you put body cameras on those folks we’d know, don’t you.  Just think of the campaigns going forward.  We’d know what they said, when they said it.  What they knew, and when they knew it.  What they promised and who they promised it to.  Pretty sure a whole bunch of video clips from those folks, would be red flagged by the crime/terrorizing software as well.

Isn’t transparency and accountability wonderful, Hillary?

Hillary?  Hillary?  Now where images (21)did she go?  Is she not answering questions again?

I mean, Hillary didn’t you say,

‘The tragic death of another young African-American man. The injuries to police officers. The burning of peoples’ homes and small businesses,’ Clinton told a gathering of donors, according to Politico. ‘We have to restore order and security. But then we have to take a hard look as to what we need to do to reform our system.’~ Hillary Clinton

Is it just me or are you possibly thinking the same thing as me?  Cameras on everyone!  To reform our system!  The whole system right?

If my proposal was law we’d actually knowdownload (4) how Freddy hurt himself in the van by himself.  We’d actually know what happened in Benghazi, or at least your actions during it.  We’d actually know if Bill had se…………

Police officers enter the crowd to make arrests as a large group of protesters march across the Brooklyn Bridge roadway before being halted by police, Saturday, Oct. 1, 2011, in New York. The demonstrators are affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street group, who have been camping out in New York’s Financial District for the past two weeks. (AP Photo/Daryl Lang)Ok Hillary, nevermind all that. Let’s just put body cameras on police.  They’re the only ones who need to be transparent and accountable!

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