What’s Up With My Pool’s Floaty?

Today Roger Goodell upheld the suspension of New England Patriots Quarterback  Tom Brady for his apparent involvement in the “Deflate Gate” cheating scandal.  The scandal surfaced during last year’s AFC Championship game.

On TV this morning, while enjoying my Jamaican Royal Nut coffee, I watched New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, defend his beleaguered quarterback.  I was not the least bit surprised with the very unapologetic  and indignant response Kraft gave the media regarding the upheld penalties.

Back in May, when Kraft announced that he wouldn’t fight the penalties levied on the Patriots by the NFL, I believe by his heated response today, Kraft felt his team wide capitulation would lead to leniency from the league office, in regards to his star quarterback.   After all the NFL didn’t have ‘Hard Evidence’.  No Mr. Kraft, the NFL does, they have soft footballs.  Not exactly hard evidence, but more aptly put, soft evidence.

I guess Kraft didn’t get the good Ole boy treatment he’d hoped for.

Tom Brady didn’t like the results either, and is taking the NFL to court,  in an attempt to get reinstated in time for the season opener.   He made a curious statement via Facebook. ….

“I did nothing wrong, and no one in the Patriots organization did either.”~Tom Brady

Well, this news and that statement, got me to thinking.   Where is, “The Deflater“?  Do you remember him? That is the nickname of the suspended


New England Patriots employee, Jim McNally, responsible for the correct PSI being registered in each football, prior to the game.   He was unceremoniously removed from his position as a result of the NFL investigation into the big games, slight of hand.   Indefinately suspended by the Patriots, along with another equipment manager, John Jastrems, who according to the leagues investigation,  apparently was the go between for Brady and McNally.

Where exactly is The Deflater though?   Does anyone know?   I believe, I just might. Due to some circumstantial evidence, I’ve uncovered recently,  I believe he is living somewhere in my neighborhood, and has not addressed his unexplainable compulsion to deflate things.

Let me explain.

Every day I inflate my pool floaty devices and every morning I return to find them under inflated.  Each day I need to once again blow air into them to get to the correct PSI for floaty device use pleasure.

The Deflater must be fulfilling his OCD needs in my neighborhood.  If not him,  who?

Well,  I jest,  but here in lies New England’s biggest problem.

If “The Deflater” was suspended by the Patriots for deflating footballs, yet he actually, really didn’t deflate footballs (according to Brady), why exactly was he suspended?

Tom Brady has said no one in the organization has done anything wrong, yet McNally was suspended by the team for deflating balls.   Have I missed something?

And why on earth would McNally do such a thing,  as deflating footballs used in an NFL game, anyway?  Does he just assume that’ll help Brady and the Patriots in someway?  Couldn’t it be just as possible that fully inflated footballs are better for Brady and the team?  Exactly!  So why deflate them?

He wouldn’t unless he was advised to do so for someone’s benefit.  Who might that be?

And if, per chance,  he is merely an employee suffering with some strange form of OCD which requires that he deflate footballs, used for the New England Patriots, then shouldn’t they instead of suspending him for deflating footballs, seek psychiatric care for him.

But then again, from Kraft’s statement today,  the NFL has no hard evidence that the Patriots are guilty of any wrong doing whatsoever.  So again, I’m wondering why did the New England Patriots suspend “The Deflater “, thus unleashing him and his problem on my pool floaties?

And why the nickname, “The Deflater”, for that matter, if not because he deflated footballs?

Enough about the poor scapegoat McNally.  Tom Brady is the central character of this saga.  He is the direct beneficiary, of the deflated balls, and then the rest of the Patriots through the obvious connection.

Brady, just like Lucille Ball (no pun intended)………

“You got got some splaining to do.”~ Ricky Ricardo


I’m really having a hard time understanding Tom Brady’s reasons behind not handing over his cell phone to clear himself of involvement.   He seems to be trying to have it both ways.  On one hand Brady claims he  fully cooperated with the investigation, yet on the other hand he refused to turn over his cell phone.  That phone was perhaps the one piece of, “hard evidence” that could have exonerated him.

That’s right proof that he never texted or communicated the orders to deflate balls, via his cell.  You would think an innocent(wise) man, holding evidence that he didn’t do something, would provide that kind of essential evidence to the investigator,  right?

Not Tom!  No he hides behind the NFLPA, and a flimsy excuse of not wanting to start a precedent by turning his cell phone over.

Precedent?   As if it’s a judicial decision.   Tom, it’s called providing evidence to clear your name.   Nobody ever has to give up their phone and the info it contains,  except if forced by warrant.  But this isn’t a criminal investigation, this is an internal league investigation,  and Tom can’t go to jail and have his freedom taken away. Tom should just show the league he didn’t cheat, and be totally cooperative.

Come on Tom, turn over your phone,  it’s that simple to show you have not engaged in wrong doing, unless …….?

Mmmm hmmmm!

Well its not to late to just turn the phone in now. …

You did what?

Destroyed it?


Mike Lupica wrote an interesting take on this whole fiasco, which in essence is wrapped up in the following Jay Reisinger quote.

Lupica’s Article

“If you want to punish him for obstruction, issue a separate punishment for that, but what Goodell seems to be doing here, at least in my opinion, is weaving obstruction in as an excuse for punishing him on the air coming out of those balls. I actually think he would have been on much safer ground on obstruction than the footballs.”~ Jay Reisinger, sports attorney

Reisinger, may have a point, but, obstruction is still obstruction and begs the question why?  It indicates an intentional cover-up of the original issue and a continuation of the act.

Since we aren’t talking criminal activity here, it really matters not what some judge thinks would have been a better way to handle Tom Brady’s actions, regarding the cell phone being destroyed.  What really matters is the believability of the man,  the team,  and the legacies, involved.


To that point, regardless of court rulings, ‘Touch’down Tom’s, Bill Belichek’s and the Patriot’s legacies will forever be somewhat deflated.

Did I mention my pool floaties are being deflated each night?

I think I’ll blame the Patsy (another pun! )

“The Deflater “, yeah, he did it.

Of course he did.

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