Lives Matter Is The Only Pure Movement

This Morning I awoke to yet another tragedy.  This time it was five Dallas Law Enforcement officers killed and 12 others wounded, ambushed, by sniper fire during what had been adallas+officers+shot peaceful, “Black Lives Matter” protest.  Lives snuffed out in the blink of an eye, families ruined forever, children fatherless, mothers husband-less, communities terrorized.

It was supposed to be a peaceful protest, but that was shattered by at least one, but more than likely ,several more individuals, with an agenda fomented in rage.  A rage, based on a twisting of the reality of deaths, at the hands of law enforcement.  Last night’s violence has been simmering for years, the temperature under the cauldron of discontent being stirred by the media, by politicians, and community leaders. The twenty four hour news cycle, a constant drumming of the fact that police kill in the process of doing their job.

Yes police kill at times during their job’s performance.  It happens.  Sometimes it happens in self defense or in protection of others or accidentally.  I won’t rule out there could be another cause, but speaking of that, would be feeding the frenzy in the deep waters, that surround our police  That arena has enough voices.  Powerful voices, inciting voices, vengeful voices.  One used all the time these days!no justice no peace

Black Lives Matter has grown, not over night, but also not just since, Michael Brown.  This has been building for years.  This is being pushed by racial agendas. Black Lives Matter is a problem in the sense that it is too narrow. It plays us against each other regardless of it’s intent.

We are of one race.  The Human Race!  The human race is multi-cultural, multi colored, multi-sexed, and we run this race together.  But the voices in our heads are supplemented by leaders who don’t lead from the front, but push from the behind!

For instance.

Jesse Jackson called the police shooting in Baton Rouge a “Public Lynching”.  Is that language meant to calm or incite?

Truth, Alton Sterling had a gun.  Whether or not, it was in his hand or he was reaching for it is still debatable.  Yet, here a leader in the black community automatically goes to race bating, in order to push his political agenda, at what cost?


President Obama, our nations elected leader, frequently mitigates the violence connected with the Black Lives Matters movement.  He says he can understand the anger.  Just the other day he said the following.

“…but what I can say is that all of us as Americans should be troubled by these shootings, because these are not isolated incidents.  Their symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system” ~ President Obama July 7, 16, addressing the Sterling shooting in Baton Rouge, and Philando Castile shooting in Minnesota.

Race!  That’s the problem at the foundation.  He is casting aspersion as to the motives of the officers in the shooting.  Is this statement designed to calm or incite?

On Thursday, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton (D), stated that Castile ended up dead at least in part because he was black.  How can the governor of Minnesota make that statement. photo

“Would this have happened if the passenger and driver were white?  I don’t think so.” ~ Governor Mark Dayton, Minnesota

Is that statement even close to responsible?  I don’t think so.   Is it meant to calm or incite?

I’ll just throw out some statistics from 2015 police killings. Let’s look at what they say?  Obama uses statistics all the time to show disparity with law enforcement and race.  The truth, you can make statistics say whatever you want.  So what do these say?  I’ll let these stats speak for themselvesWhite and blacks die in shootings;

397 whites were killed, 208 blacks were killed.  68 whites were unarmed, and 62 blacks were unarmed. ~ 2015

Does this show that police kill black lives more than white lives?

No, but activists will parse these stats to say what they want, and they do!  They use them to create unrest, to divide, to pit against each group, anger flares like a California wild fire. So today we wonder why five families are mourning the loss of their family member, just because he or she was a cop.

Leaders should work to unite, but they don’t, they are concerned only with their voting block, their agenda, or whatever it is that will get them more money.  Of course, for the media, the more controversial and spectacular the news, the greater the ratings.

The statements I highlighted by these leaders are only a small fraction of the avalanche of similar vitriol, spewed by self serving pundits, so easily consumed by the gullible.  They assume racism on the one hand and promote it on the other. 

Ask yourselves, does Jesse Jackson know these officers, does President Obama know these officers?  Did Governor Dayton know the officer?  Did any of them possess knowledge of these officer’s racial beliefs?  No they didn’t and still don’t, but they’ve told those listening, that the officers were racist.  It is implied in their statements.  It Incites the feeble minded to violence.

The fact is there are numerous other possibilities as to why the officer shot Sterling,  and the officer shot Castile.  Unfortunately, none of those reasons were considered, except the one portraying the officers as ‘racist pigs’.

Ironically, the police killed in Dallas last night , were protecting, the “Black Lives Matter” protest.  A protest being held because of a finely crafted, gourmet meal, of statistical crap. Designed to enrage the passions of the wronged.  Interestingly, those officers there, turned to fight ,while the throng of protesters ran in terror. So five officers died, while countless others raced to the area to protect and serve, their very protesters.BLM Texas

Black lives matter, no doubt.  White lives matter, so do red, yellow, brown, etc.  Today in my heart and mind Blue Lives Matter.

But what we really need is a pure movement of “Lives Matter” Period!

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